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Sam Fish - Cookery

Sam Fish - Cookery

“I have a massive passion for food and I love the constantly pumping hospitality industry with its long days meeting different people.”

“I used to love helping my Mum in the kitchen when I was a kid but my family wanted me to get into the construction industry because that’s what my Dad and my uncle did. I discovered my passion for food with some chance work doing food prep when I was living in Warkworth.”

“I moved up here for a fresh start, enquired about training and I’m now learning a lot about the industry I have a passion for. Everything here is a challenge and that’s what I love about it because I want to do well. We do roasting, baking, entrees, mains, plating, presentation and customer service in the front of house. I’m the youngest here and I like watching what other people do. There’s more bookwork than I expected but I’m pushing through it in my independent way.”

“This course will open up a career for me. It will give me a ticket to full time work. I’d really love to jump on a cruise ship and stop in different places with different cultures to learn about their food.”

“If you want to chance at something, just do it. I kept telling myself I couldn’t do this, then one day I told myself to shut up. And I just got on with it.”

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