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Roha Herbert - Forestry

Roha Herbert - Forestry

“I’ve finished the basic course and now have a job in forestry while I study on-site for the next level. I’m a butcher by trade and work is hard to get up here. My uncle is a tutor at NorthTec so I knew this forestry course could lead to a good possibility of getting a job.”

“We start at level 2 and learnt the basics like how to use a chainsaw, introduction to the bush, hazards and environmental safety, what not to do, and what we are liable for. I love that it is so hands on and very physical. The tutor has been out there and done it and the study is directly related to things that we actually do in the bush and need to know on site.”

“Physically applying the skill-set is a challenge. Using a chainsaw for hours at a time is tough on the body so it needs a special sort of fitness that you’ve got to build up. But it’s worth it because there are heaps of job opportunities here in forestry.”

“Doing the course has changed my life and enabled me to live up here. I’m earning real money doing real work and it’s good fitness training in the process. I hope my future is working in the bush because the opportunities are here but the bush is a hard environment so I want to make sure I keep up for it.”

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