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Puāwai Leuluai-Walker - Social Work

Puāwai Leuluai-Walker - Social Work

“I’m passionate about my people, te iwi Māori and Pasifika, and want to help them to identify and enhance their Mana and their potential for greatness. I have a lot of motivation to do this because I’m already working as a youth mentor for Ngapuhi Iwi Social Services.” 

“Doing this degree will give me the tohu required to work within this industry. It will also show my children and whānau that it is possible to attend higher education.” 

“I was blessed to be raised within Te Ao Māori which has put me in a good position, as this degree helps me to learn the western paradigm. It has reinforced the importance of understanding Te Ao Māori if you want to practise social work within Tai Tokerau.”

“I’ve learnt a lot here about how to work respectfully with others. I’m strong in who I am and I can assert my opinions, and I’m learning to respect diversity. With our classmates and tutors we’re constantly engaging and collaborating as peers, and I’m loving that.” 

“This degree will open up opportunities for me and my whānau. I’ll be working in an area that I’m passionate about, and I hope to positively contribute to society for the betterment of my whānau and my people, te iwi Māori and Pasifika. I plan to go on and do further studies.”

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