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Percy Fepuleai - Mental Health and Addictions

Percy Fepuleai - Mental Health and Addictions

“I’m a recovering addict and alcoholic from six years ago, so it is fitting for me to help others by passing it forward. I’m from Auckland and I moved up here to start a fresh life. NorthTec and this course happened to be here and I’ve just finished level 4.”

“The quality of the teaching, the resources, the facilities, and the people in general here are what I enjoyed the most. We had access to all of our tutors until an evening time-limit, and their willingness to see us succeed was a really good push for me. We also spent time in our own self-started student group and had a private Facebook group.” 

“This support added to my drive and motivation to push through the challenge of having to travel to Kerikeri once a week. And I had to knuckle down on planning to fit the study and the travel in with my family time.”

“Learning Te Reo was the biggest surprise for me about the course. I’m Samoan and speak fluent Samoan and I was hesitant at first to get involved with Te Reo, but I learnt to do my own mihi and I got a lot of satisfaction from learning about a language and culture similar to, but different from, ours.”

“I want to help my kids strive by showing them that their parents can study and do well. I’d love to now move on into Social Work and help others with addictions.”

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