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Moniroth Chan - Sustainability

Moniroth Chan - Sustainability

“The more I learn here, the more I love plants. I’m crazy for plants. We live on an acre and I’m already filling it up with sub-tropical plants for food, medicine and beauty, but this course will help me learn more about propagation and managing what I grow. I’m into cooking, so now I’m learning how to grow herbs and Asian plants, and in my home culture of Cambodia, food is medicine too.”

“It’s great for me learning from other like-minded students and the tutor. I need help sometimes with writing English and I’m getting that here and from my family. I’m always looking plant stuff up on the internet and trying new things like air-layering, and when you have a passion you learn quickly. If something doesn’t work, you learn and try again.”

“We’re also learning how to grow plants organically which is better both for us and the earth. Plants are the best therapy and they need to be nurtured - just like people do. I’m from the city but my grandmother was really into plants and lived in the country so it’s in my cells.”

“My dream is to create a plant nursery that feels like a sub-tropical garden. I imagine people being able to taste the fruit, smell the fragrances and be uplifted by the beauty as they select their plants.”

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