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Kieran Baker-Petkovich - Automotive

Kieran Baker-Petkovich - Automotive

“For the last couple of years I’ve been buying cheap cars, fixing them up and selling them online or to my mates but there are gaps in my knowledge. I’m learning so much here that I wish I’d started the course sooner.”

“I love everything about cars especially older cars because they are easier to fix. The tutors set the tone of what’s expected but they come down to our level and we always have a good laugh. I’m full time Dad for my three year old so the challenge is balancing study with the time with my daughter, and NorthTec is really flexible and supportive around that.”

“I’m surprising myself by topping my class so it’s giving me something to really push for. A couple of us are older so it’s good to be a bit of a role model to the younger guys. We help them if they need it but still have to set boundaries to get our own stuff done.”

“We get to work on our own cars so there’s the input of a huge variety of opinions. As well as filling the gaps in my knowledge, we’re being introduced to other branches of the industry like parts, diesel motors and tyres. The bros are trying to push me into diesel but I want to stay with petrol so I can work with performance cars.”

“I’ll do my theory for an apprenticeship by correspondence then do the practical year to get it signed off. I want to work with performance cars all round, including making the parts for the body, motor and wheels. At the moment I’m getting my knowledge together so I can do that later.”

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