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Kereama Bedggood-Noa - Civil Engineering

Kereama Bedggood-Noa - Civil Engineering

“I’ve been working in structural engineering for four years and was keen to study sooner but work and family commitments meant I had to put it on hold. As soon as the circumstances changed and I returned to the north from Tauranga, I researched study options and found doing this course for two years full time was the best choice.”

“I love learning about bridges, buildings and towers as well as roading and geo-tech. And I’m enjoying the drawing, which is a real surprise to me. It looks complicated but on the computer it’s so easy. It’s very satisfying when you get all the components together.”

“Working out the maths for engineering can be a bit complicated but because it’s applied directly to a project, I’m motivated to work through it - and the tutors are there to help. The other challenge for me is the time management of full-time study and family.”  

“The course has really broadened my horizons and opened options I didn’t know existed. We look at structures in places like Dubai, Malaysia and China so I’m realizing that structural engineering can be about seeing and developing the world.”

“From here I hope to get a job as an engineering draftsman or a structural engineer and ultimately I’d love to work with really large scale buildings and structures.”

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