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Katika Terry - Foundation

Katika Terry - Foundation

“I want to catch up with some basics so I can do a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation. Until now, my life has been more about sport than study so it’s great to be getting back on track with studies knowing I’m going in a focussed direction.”

“We have a strong class bond in the course because we’re all motivated to move our lives forward. We’re all here for different reasons so it makes an interesting mix of people.”

“My next step is to apply for the Certificate in Sport and Recreation course, then onto the degree so I can get work in the industry either here or in the army. My dream is to work as a personal trainer then get into the business side of fitness and recreation with my own gym and maybe a clothing brand.”

“It’s important to keep your motivation up by doing something you’re set on doing yourself, rather than what others have said to do. Take the first small step then the next, and keep going in your motivated direction.”

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