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Katherine Watkins - Carpentry

Katherine Watkins - Carpentry

“I’ve always loved working with wood but felt like it was a boys’ thing. The idea kept coming back and I wanted to study while the kids were still at home so this basic course was a good place to start. Having another girl in the class too made it easier to come on board. I’ve just finished the course, and construction is definitely what I want to do.”

“I especially love learning about the bigger tools and how to use them safely. And I’ve fallen in love with the hand router. I had no idea it existed and I love using it. We had the most amazing tutor and he treated everyone the same. He set strict boundaries and disciplines plus we felt comfortable enough to ask him absolutely anything. If I mucked up with a project, I would call it ‘customizing it’ and together we would work out how to improve it.”

“Maths was my challenge but once I could see the relevance for it, I was keen enough to spend extra study time and managed to work it out. I want to craft and sell my own small furniture and to fix my house and I need the maths to do that.”

“Since I’ve finished the course, I’m making a lot more pieces at home. My motivation and my standard of work have both really lifted. I’ll be applying for the next level course next year so that I’ve got more options to get into construction work wherever and whenever I want – either in jobs or for myself.”

“Having my own business creating and selling small pieces of furniture would be the ultimate for me.”

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