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Kathaleen Griffiths - Carpentry

Kathaleen Griffiths - Carpentry

“I’m doing the construction course and am also the student rep here. I’m doing construction because I don’t want to pay someone to do what I know I’m capable of doing myself. Money matters in this day and age and my end goal is to either renovate or build my own home.”

“And I’m student rep because I love helping people, and helping people to think outside the box. My lifetime ambition since I was about 15 was to be in event management because I saw it as a way to get satisfaction by helping people from behind the scenes. Being student rep in similar in some ways.”

“Doing both the course and the student rep role means I’ve got to stay onto my time management and to keep lifting my game around communication. We all communicate in different styles and I’m learning what works around different personalities. I enjoy people and approaching and supporting new students.”

“The combination of the learning journey and being student rep is strengthening my personal growth and character so I’m becoming more confident.”

“Hopefully I can use both experiences to find employment - either in construction or in aged care. My dream is to have the satisfaction of building my own home while at the same time looking for what I can do for my community. It’s all about learning and giving.”

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