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Kadin Baker - Sport and Recreation

Kadin Baker - Sport and Recreation

“I was already doing weights and fight-sports and am really into physical exercise so I knew this was what I wanted to do. I looked at other universities but this is the same degree with the same result and it’s right here at home.”

“I’m enjoying everything about the course - especially learning the science behind things. The students all come here with different sports backgrounds but everything we learn applies to any physical background.”

“I’ve been surprised at how much everyone challenges each other. It’s great because it helps me to push myself. Completing the degree gives me a kick start into the profession I want to do. I’m keen to encourage other people and I already do a bit of personal training and take Tae Kwon Do classes.”

“When I finish I want to expand my qualification further into maybe strength conditioning, coaching or doing a Masters. My real dream is to have my own gym specializing in martial arts, weights and boot camps training anyone willing to put in 100%.”

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