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Jordan Moon - Applied Management

Jordan Moon - Applied Management

“I’ve already started a business as my ‘big industry’ project in this last year of my degree. Studying here has given me the building blocks for that and the confidence to begin.”

“Previously I was working in Social Services but my heart wasn’t in it. Business always fascinated me, even at school. So I started studying business part time at Massey then chose to cross credit the papers to NorthTec because I have family here and it makes life easy.”

“I’ve found other students here with the same drive so we’re on our journeys together. The tutors are so accessible, they give so much guidance, and they are flexible and understanding around family commitments.”

“I started the degree with no major then I found my real interest is in Project Management and Business Transformation so I’m doing a double major.”

“Our own business project combines several passions and drive within our family. We’re creating a fitness whānau business that will combine fitness, nutrition and coaching youth. My husband has the fitness and nutrition tickets, his mum has the old-school business experience and skills, and I have the new business skills. Our greater whānau gives us a big drive and a container to pour it all into.”

“After this year we’ll carry on developing the business and I’ll have my degree. I’ll definitely look for fulltime employment in strategic planning or anything to do with project management so both things can progress together.”

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