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Joe Neho - First Line Management

Joe Neho - First Line Management

“I’m an instrument technician at the oil refinery and several of the supervisors are due for retirement. As part of a succession plan they tapped a few of us on the shoulder to step towards supervisory roles in a more contemporary way. We filled in for supervision sometimes but we didn’t have an overview.”

“The refinery already had a link with NorthTec so we’re doing this as a group from different trades and departments a few days a month.”

“It’s great getting the conceptual tools for ways to think about things. I’m surprised at what we’ve covered and the course has opened my eyes to different aspects of management and leadership. We’ve learnt how to use different styles with different people, multi-cultural considerations, and ways to approach different situations.”

“The course has already impacted how I approach things. You don’t realize you’re doing something until it’s broken down into tools of awareness. Even though we’re all from the refinery, we are in different trades and departments so it’s given us some more connectivity there too. I’ve now stepped up for the upcoming shut down work and I’m putting together job-scopes within my trade.”

“When our supervisor does retire, it will be business as usual but I’ll have the tools to help when people are looking for guidance. I’ll implement what we’ve learnt and hope to have a role as someone the guys can come to with problems or just someone the team can rely on.”

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