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Jessica Jones - Conservation and Environmental Management

Jessica Jones - Conservation and Environmental Management

“If I’d known earlier how good this was, I would have done it sooner. I love being outside and I feel so happy when I'm in the bush knowing I am doing something positive for the environment.”

“I am dyslexic so I had convinced myself I’d never be able to study or get into uni, but there’s so much support here and with our small classes we get one-on-one time with the tutors. They put their personal support into our success and we all become a new family. I was very surprised at how well I did on my first year even with the computer assessments. ”

“This is such a change from my job at the check-out in the supermarket that I was doing before. I could see I would be packing groceries for the next 10 years unless I made a real choice. My cousin had done the tourism course here and felt really supported in her choice so that gave me the courage to sign up.”

“My initial thought was to do the diploma then leave and get a job but I love it so much that I’ll go on and do the degree. This has opened up heaps of doors for me that I wasn’t expecting. I thought I wanted to become a ranger but I’ve become fascinated by microscopic invertebrates after seeing them under the microscope. They’re so cute. I’d like to work in some way with them and their environments.”

“For those at high school not sure about what to do, NorthTec has some great options. You can get financial support plus heaps of personalized study support. ”

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