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Jason Pont - Commercial Transport

Jason Pont - Commercial Transport

“I blew my back out in forestry so I had to change industry and upskill. I looked into commercial transport options because I had driven trucks before but didn’t have the licences. This course has given me the tickets and is close to where I live in town.”

“The best part of the course has been learning something new and meeting the other students and tutors. The tutors are very professional and really know what they are doing. The biggest challenge was having back surgery the month before the course finished, and somehow getting through the final Class II assessments.”

“I got a job straight from the course because the transport company approached the tutor. I’m now a fill-in driver for the hospital bus plus I work around the company’s yard, and in the summer I’ll be driving tours up 90 Mile Beach. It’s a relief to get completely off WINZ. My ultimate goal is to be driving in Australia - preferably with my own business in transport.”

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