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Jae Johanson - Information Systems

Jae Johanson - Information Systems

“I’ve always been fascinated by computers and what makes them tick. My curiosity peaked to the point of dropping out of school in year 11 to do some basic training in business and computing.” 

“That gave me the confidence to step into this NorthTec course and I love that we’re pushed here to pursue things to find answers, rather than being given answers. Here I found out how to stand in who I am rather than being a victim to bullying.”

“I learnt so much just in the first few weeks – including finding out the hard way that the quality of the hardware matters too. How fast the computer system works and what it can handle are significant to its operating. I found coding difficult to begin with but when we started to learn the programming language C# (C sharp) to develop apps for android phones, I got a whole new perspective.”

“Most of us here want to develop games and become rich because that’s the quickest way to get wealthy without being dependent on luck. Once you know how to code and develop programmes, a big company is more likely to hire you.”

“I’ll go on to the Diploma in Digital Arts after this to learn how to include good visual graphics in the games I develop. The ultimate for me is to develop one good game and make a million dollars. With that I’d buy a property up here and travel the world. And before I go, I want to give a shout out to the café here. They do a mean bacon and egg muffin!”

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