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Jade Homburg - Foundation

Jade Homburg - Foundation

“I’m amazed at my own ability to learn. Doing this course has helped me realize I’m not as stupid as I thought. This is my first step on the learning ladder.”

“Since I was five years old, I wanted to be either a doctor or a lawyer – and to have five kids. I’ve had six kids and for the last 13 years my priority has been being a Mum. I did cleaning jobs and bits and pieces but I’ve always wanted to do more…one day. I’ve had huge doubts that I could study and get educated.” 

“I’ve been through heaps with CYF and that pushed enough buttons to motivate me to want to change some things so people don’t have to go through what we have.    I want to do this to help mothers and children.” 

“The social side of being here around people has been challenging for me. I had grown to not like people but I’ve even been able to stand up and talk in front of people here. There’s great support.”

“I’ve got the confidence now to maybe go on and do the Mental Health and Addictions course and go on into Social Work.”

“I still dream of being a doctor or lawyer. My son was in ICU at four weeks old and the dedication of the doctors there saved his life. You could tell they were not just doing a job – their heart was in it. I’d love to be able to have impact like that as a paediatrician, or to work as a family lawyer to make a difference in the lives of children.”

“But for now, I’ve started my learning journey and I want to say to other young mothers – if I can do this, anyone can.”

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