Student Profile

Jade Clifford - Visual Arts

Jade Clifford - Visual Arts

“I’ve wanted to study art since loving it at school but I went into hospitality then I realized it wasn’t quite it for me. My Dad is great at art and it’s in our family line. I wanted to make it more than a hobby in my life. Taking out a student loan was a big commitment step, plus I live 45 minutes away so I catch a bus down here three days a week.”

“The best part of the course is learning about the history behind art. There’s so much I didn’t know about and we go back further in time and look at things more broadly than I expected. I’m also loving the etching, woodcuts and screen prints and I hadn’t done graphics before. I’m not into the technology so that’s more of a challenge for me but it’s part of the course and the tutors help you with that.”

“We have a surprising number of trips off-campus to studios and galleries that broaden our outlook, and visiting artists come and tell us their stories and processes.”

“At the start of our course everyone tended to work on their own but we now work together more and bounce ideas off each other. I also like mixing it up with students from other faculties. I like where the conversations go.”

“I have learnt so much from coming here that it doesn’t matter so much whether I become an artist or not. I’d like to become an artist but I realize it feels more about what I’ve learnt on the way on every level. I feel blessed to be here and to be having this experience.”