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Haydon Ngakuru - Horticulture

Haydon Ngakuru - Horticulture

“Being able to see the produce you’ve grown, taste the flavour, and be part of living in a sustainable way is what I’m here for. I was working in the trucking industry for many years but it was time to come home to the land here.”

“I was already a keen grower but I wanted to broaden my understanding and knowledge and my cousin recommended the course because he had just finished it.  It’s been a hard adjustment exercising parts of my brain that have been asleep for a long time but I’ve got great support from the tutors and students and I’m loving it. Once a week we all get together and have a feast from the garden we’ve grown.”

“One of my challenges is learning to have patience with other land users that are not like-minded about sustainable practices. I’m learning to negotiate and collaborate and compromise.”

“I really enjoy watching other people realize what they’re capable of. Our tutor is skilled at getting the best out of other people and he sees that I have that too. He has surprised me by suggesting that I upskill and step up to become a tutor.”

“So I’ll go on and do level 4 and 5 here then my tutoring ticket. I’m excited to think I can help people push past their doubts and give things a go. Seeing someone believe in themselves is enough to brighten my day.”

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