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Georgia Farr - Hairdressing

Georgia Farr - Hairdressing

“It’s great getting such relevant skills compacted into one year. Hairdressing is always something I’ve wanted to do because it involves problem solving and creativity. I spent three years working at something else first so it’s great knowing I can do this in a year and not fall behind just because I’m studying to create a career.”

“We have the best tutor ever. She makes you feel you can do this, and you want to do the best for yourself and for her. She is very up to date with the industry and knows what hair salons expect from graduates coming out of here.”

“Our class is all different ages and backgrounds so I’m amazed at how tight we are together and the tutor makes things easy to understand and enjoyable. We’ve just started colouring which I’m finding it really interesting.”

“I’m coming back for the second year then I’d like to become a senior stylist.  Happiness and job satisfaction are most important to me for the future, whether that is owning my own business or finding a salon I really enjoy working in. I did Business and Admin here last year so that’s a relevant extra skill-set in my kit for whichever I choose.”

“This is so much more worth it that I thought it would be. A lot of my friends have gone to university and this could feel like a lesser choice, but I love getting real world skills and being on the campus is a really good experience. It’s easy to get around and close to family – and I have them as the start of my client base!”

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