Student Profile

Evelyn Gillett - Business Admin

Evelyn Gillett - Business Admin

“I became a mum seven years ago and felt it was important to spend the early years with my children. Now they are a little older I have decided to re-train to be able to re-enter the workforce.”

“I looked carefully at what training and work would suit, and Business Admin ticked the boxes. I like dealing with people, providing good customer service, knowing I’m valued by both customers and the work team, and the hours can be flexible. I did this course 20 years ago but with the evolution of technology I thought it was best to upskill.”

“I love the enthusiasm here of both the students and the tutors and it’s great being connected to people and a team again. We get all sorts of opportunities to present work, we have a chance to do job interview role play, research jobs, write a fresh CV and plenty of Word and Excel learning. We also cover accounting and learn how to use Xero.”

“This is giving me the skills and requirements to re-enter the work force and I’m happy to get a foot in the door. When I am fortunate enough to obtain a job, I know I am more than capable of upskilling if a further qualification is necessary.”

“At the moment things are still evolving and I am learning that it’s important to make the most of every opportunity and to have the right people around you to grow and develop.”