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Eseta Tamati - Travel and Tourism

Eseta Tamati - Travel and Tourism

“It takes a good tutor to make a good student and the tutor here has made me fall back in love with the tourism industry.”

“I already had a deep love of nature and a strong appreciation of the industry and that has now been made even stronger. I’ve got so much more respect now for what’s involved in being part of someone’s journey and giving them a rich experience. I knew the basics but this has really expanded my perspective.”

“Before I never followed through on what I really knew in the first place. School wasn’t supportive for me so I’m amazed at how massive the impact of the tutor here has been on me being able to study. He has reassured me that anything is possible if we put in the time and dedication. I’ve learnt that to be helped you have to help yourself.”

“Our classmates too are super friendly. We each bring our different stories but we’re all on this path together. Procrastination is the thing I need to watch. I’m a solo Mum of two and a coach for my son’s rugby team so I have to work at finding balance, making priorities and keeping to a schedule.”

“I want to re-introduce people to the natural beauty that is around us. I love taking kids outside camping or biking or walking and getting them curious about the natural world away from technology, and I know I can give a similar experience to others.” 

“I’ll take a bit of time off to be with my kids when I finish the course then I’m excited about what could happen. I’d love to be a tour guide helping people appreciate what’s all around us. We can slow down, stop and camp out. I want to be part of their experience and shine a light on their adventure so they can say it was one of the best moments in their life. Being amongst nature is like therapy.”

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