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Ella Nathan - Horticulture

Ella Nathan - Horticulture

“I’m retired now and help look after the Papa Kainga garden up the road from the marae so it’s great to be learning more about plants and sustainable ways of taking care of them. It’s really different being back in a learning environment but I’m loving it and the students and tutors are fantastic. I find the botanical names are still a challenge but that’s good for me.”

“I love mixing with the different people here, learning different ways of doing things, and learning about the plants and planting times. We all bring and swap plants too. The whole class came down to the marae and had landscaping suggestions - particularly in the area where we have a lot of native plants.”

“I especially enjoyed the course field trips to the sub-tropical gardens and nursery in Matapouri and the tropical fruit orchard near Parua Bay. It’s a real inspiration going out and seeing what people are creating.” 

“I’m now starting to utilize what we’re learning and I love knowing how to look after Papatūānuku in a sustainable way. We’re using what we’ve got in our immediate environment and not wasting things. The dream is to take the best possible care of our whenua out there where we live, and to pass that knowledge on for others to do the same.”

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