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Duaine Thompson - Architectural Technology

Duaine Thompson - Architectural Technology

“By coming here straight from school I’ve put myself in a position where I’m forced to either bend or break. I’m amazed and how fast and intensive my learning is and I’m loving it.”

“As a kid my favourite toy was a transformer. It could become something else. I loved finding ways to improve and re-think things, and I’ve been told I have a keen eye for creativity and design. My sister advised me to come here and that decision has breathed life into my path. It has connected a lot of dots. Saying yes to things has really helped me move forward.”

“By stretching to learn new things, it’s incredible how it affects every aspect of your life. If say, I’m really engaged and learning in class, it lifts my table tennis game in my youth mentor role.”

“The hardest part is to start. It’s far harder to start than to continue. You have to have the mind-set to evolve and open yourself to new learning. Your body then does what your mind says.”

“I love the intensity of this course. I also like how one tutor emphasizes how to be professional in this field and the other one focuses on how to develop yourself in architecture and in your life. It’s helped me create my own aspirations for being here.”

“From the foundation of doing this course, I’m going to study at the Sydney School of Architecture because my sister lives there and because it’s a complete change of scene. I want to get my PhD in Architecture and by doing so, to become the youngest Maori PhD Architect in the world.”

“I’m looking forward to that journey and I hope the ripples from that will inspire any kid with a dream. I’m the Youth Representative for NorthTec and I’m in the process of organizing a Youth Summit. This is my work. If people want to move forward, I’ll help you with your aspiration.”

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