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David Macfarlane - Automotive

David Macfarlane - Automotive

“When I was little I could always name the types of cars on the road. I love cars, so when I heard I could do an intro automotive course two days a week last year while I was still at school, I was in. One of my friends signed me up for this next level course and it’s turned out to be one of the best years of my life.”

“I love getting down to the work here because it’s so hands-on. I’m fixing my own car on the course at the moment. I had to change the head gaskets so it’s been a bit of a challenge and a good experience. It’s a major job and things are still not quite right but mechanical challenges are what I’m here for.”

“I like to do the practical stuff first and keep the theory and study minimal. Theory is not so much my thing but I need to do enough to pass the assessment so I’ll push through it with the help of the tutor. I’m one of the youngest in the class and I’ll probably go on to the next level from here.”

“I want to have my own workshop that I can develop into a global company. I would just deal in older petrol cars, specialize in a car brand that appeals to me, and get known for that. I’m a visual thinker and I’m able to see, understand and fix older petrol cars.”

“I’m on my way to creating my own life now. Follow what you want to do and don’t let anyone hold you back.”

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