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Dana Hawkins - Accounting

Dana Hawkins - Accounting

“I’ve always been good at numbers, I like problem solving, and took an accounting paper at school. My choices were chemical engineering at Waikato or accounting here. I chose accounting here because it’s local – so I still get to ride my horse - and because friends of my parents did the same course and recommended it.”

“I really like how dedicated the tutors are to the students. They go out of their way to help us understand and they do extra tutorials, so I’m picking things up a lot more easily than I expected. I have friends at uni with hundreds in their classes and the tutors don’t know their names. I also like the flexibility of the course being three days a week.”

“I’m majoring in accounting so I can get work with an accounting firm then sit the exams to become a Chartered Accountant, hopefully up here. I’m keen to have my own accountancy firm or to work for myself so that I can ride my four horses.”

“My horses are the main reason I stayed up here and my parents have land that I can use. I find accounting is good for my brain and mental sharpness, while the riding balances that with being physical and clearing my head to re-focus.”

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