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Cole Peirson-Harrop - Mechanical Engineering

Cole Peirson-Harrop - Mechanical Engineering

“I chose to come here because of the diversity of what the course covers. I wasn’t interested in school and I knew this was where I could come to learn about what I’m interested in. My Dad has an engineering business so I grew up tinkering with mechanical stuff.”

“I thought I’d be keen on the fitting and turning part of the course but have found out I really like welding. Everyone is so approachable here and we can ask anything we need to know. We each do our own thing but we all help each other. ”

“The coolest surprise to me was that I had just enough money saved to be able to do the course, and then found out that because I’m under 18 it was free.”

“NorthTec sets you up for lots of good opportunities to go on and do more courses. It opens doors. After this I want to the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering then get an apprenticeship so I can become a fully qualified machinist or welder.”

“One day I’d like to follow Dad’s footsteps in his engineering business and maybe eventually take over the business.”

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