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Carol Thompson - Mental Health and Addictions

Carol Thompson - Mental Health and Addictions

“I believe that because I’ve experienced addiction, I can utilize the talents I’ve been blessed with to support others to move forward.”

“This course is giving me an overview about mental health and addictions that I didn’t have. The different tutors are helping me get a better understanding and context and I’m getting extra help privately.” 

“I started doing the course in Whangarei when I was at Women’s Refuge, then Housing New Zealand got a house for me up here so I transferred the credits. I haven’t studied for years so I’m learning to be patient with myself and others and to adjust to being in a classroom environment. We’re all on the same journey here so we get huge support from each other and from the tutors.”

“I’m getting the confidence now to carry on with higher levels of learning. As I continue educating and healing myself, job opportunities are starting to come my way.”

“My first priority is to finish the course and my dream would be to work with and support people in my own community – especially youth.”

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