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Brody Laurenson - Applied Arts

Brody Laurenson - Applied Arts

Budding artist Brody Laurenson was able to sign up for a degree programme after successfully completing the level 4 certificate in arts and design.

The six-month programme, which was launched at NorthTec in 2017, gave him both the skills and the confidence to go on to the degree. The certificate programme can be a stepping stone for people who want to gain a good grounding in the arts, or test out their creativity before committing to three years of study.

Brody, 23, who is now studying for the Bachelor of Applied Arts, is aiming to realise his dream of becoming a comic-book writer and creator.

He said: “The comic industry usually has an author and a computer artist as well. I want to create comic book stories but I don’t just want to draw them, I want to do the computer artwork as well.”

Brody is from Whangarei but spent nine years living in Canada, where his parents live and where he went to high school. He looked into studying at tertiary level in Canada, but found the cost was prohibitive.

He was not ready to go straight onto a degree programme, but having completed the New Zealand Certificate in Arts and Design, at NCEA level 4, was able to qualify to study at bachelor’s level. 

Brody said: “I came here to broaden my creativity. It’s so hands-on here at NorthTec, you create your own stuff all the time. There is a lot more support here than at uni, where it’s more competition-based. Everybody is really supportive, and if you struggle with something they will help you.

“The teachers really help you even if you think you can’t get it done. The staff help you and support you the whole time, there is a lot of one-on-one learning and all the students help each other too. I’m confident about doing the degree now because I’ve done the certificate, and it has made me a lot stronger.”

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