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Barbara Te Haara - Automotive

Barbara Te Haara - Automotive

“Six years ago when my Dad suggested I do a mechanic course so I’d be self-reliant if my car broke down, I said no because I thought that was boys’ stuff. I’m doing it now and I have such a sense of purpose and a much broader outlook. I’m more eager than I thought. ”

Barbara was so keen to start studying that she does a three day commute to Kaikohe from where she lives in Whangarei. “All the automotive course positions there were filled for this intake, so I trialled the commute for two weeks and it’s fine. My Dad is from Kaikohe and I used to live here.”

“The mechanical work is great and we even get to work on our own cars so I’ve just replaced the fuel system in mine. I’m really enjoying learning and being with new people but the challenge for me is to memorize our study book. I’m having to discipline myself to focus and concentrate on learning the theory to sit the test.”

“I want to do an apprenticeship in Whangarei and completing this course will give me a much better chance of doing that. It’s too soon to know what might unfold after that.”

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