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Allison Waite - Sustainability

Allison Waite - Sustainability

“I love everything about being outside. It’s where I belong. We plan to own a sustainable permaculture based property and getting this ticket will allow me to get to that goal.”

“Doing this course is confirming that I want a life linked to the land, and although I failed a lot at school, I’m getting A’s here because I’m so interested. I was nervous to come here so I started with the level 3 course to gain confidence. I love the people here, I’ve made some great friends and we socialize together outside of the course.”

“I surprised myself by doing so well in the first course that I wanted to come back for more. I’m proud of myself. My Dad is ill at the moment and I think my success here is good for him too.”

“I want to get jobs in lots of different nurseries to learn from as many different people as possible. I’d love to study more too but our mortgage dictates I get a job. Longer term, I dream of creating our permaculture property including breeding animals in a sustainable way that respects both them and the earth.”

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