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Zoe Edmonds - Accounting

Zoe Edmonds - Accounting

“My personal circumstances changed and I decided that if I still wanted to enjoy my life and achieve all I wanted to, I had to take charge of it. I am a qualified chef but hospitality is a very hard industry to achieve a balance between work/life especially as a mother. Business allows me to have that balance, still keep the involvement of people/community, and be there for my boys. This is why I love it!”

“The best aspect is the other students. The support network you create together and how students encourage and value each other is what makes studying in smaller classes a wonderful experience. The students and tutors are always approachable and willing to help you when you need that extra support.”

“Tt has been a challenge adapting to each individual tutor and their unique ways of delivering a paper, but it’s a learning that paves the way for the many different kinds of people I’ll meet in business.”

“The experiences I’ve had on this study journey have cemented my desire to work with people and also to work within a supportive community. Small business is certainly where it is at for me, especially helping others achieve their dreams and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed.”

“After this course I would love to get a job at an accounting firm within my community to set me on the pathway to become a Chartered Accountant. I realize that I thrive off learning and challenging myself, and because accountancy combines this with my love for people and community, I believe it is what I am supposed to be doing.” 

“My dream situation is to be financially stable and create a loving home for my boys. I would love to work in a supportive, people orientated environment where co-workers are not just people I see at the office, but my friends and my team.”

Iwi - Ngāpuhi  

Hapū - Ngāti Rangi


Iwi - Ngāti Kahu 

Hapū - Matarahurahu

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