Student Profile

Vanessa Arcus	- Business Administration

Vanessa Arcus - Business Administration

“I studied Tourism at high school, gaining a certificate in Tourism Core Skills and it introduced me to the world of travel. I now want to get into the business side of tourism.”

“I’m starting with business training to get some skills then will go onto the tourism course they have here.  I have learned document formats and layouts that I can also apply outside the course in general life, and I’m meeting a whole range of people.  Our class mates are all ages and backgrounds and come from a range of countries “.

“Already I am gaining confidence. In our assignments we had to find and interview someone in the business world and I’m learning how to interact with people on the phone professionally.  Last semester I did a presentation on a topic of my choice in front of the whole class, which I would usually try to avoid. I surprised myself by doing well.”