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Trae Harrison - Agriculture

Trae Harrison - Agriculture

“I love being outdoors every day and learning by doing. This course is nearly all practical and any theory relates directly to what we’re doing.”

“I wasn’t coping at school and I knew the course was happening here because I moved next door to this farm a few years ago. I’m amazed at how fast the day goes. I love the variety of work and that there is a team here every day. We usually work in groups of two and can choose from allocated tasks. We often make a point of choosing stuff we’re not so good at.”

“Getting agriculture skills is a stepping stone for me because I’m keen to join the military and have applied for positions in all three forces. This course gives me the skills for something I can do after my military career or if I miss out.”

“If I do go farming, the advice I’m getting is that dry stock is the way to go.” 

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