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Shahn Allen - Cookery

Shahn Allen - Cookery

“I adore food – and I love learning how it’s made so other people can enjoy the best of it too. Having done level 4, I’m back now to get the diploma because it will give me more opportunities for work and a better life for my growing family.”

“I previously loved to bake cakes but as my horizons have broadened, my passion has moved from bakery to butchery. I’m a carnivore, I can cook a mean steak, and I love learning about the cuts to the extent that I’m wondering about doing a butchery apprenticeship.”

“With international students in our class, the pace is a bit slower sometimes because of language, but they’re keen and bring a different perspective to the mix. The tutors here are fantastic and keep us all enthusiastic and interested. Sharlene is awesome and Amanda rocks!”

“I’m keen for work experience when I get my diploma, and working in a butchery shadowing the staff for a while would be great learning. The dream for me is to run a family restaurant that gives the whole family a comfortable affordable experience and exposure to delicious food.”

Iwi - Ngati Whatua

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