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Sacha Pou-Tito - Mechanical Engineering

Sacha Pou-Tito - Mechanical Engineering

“I did a Sport and Recreation Degree and had been working as a personal trainer for four years but I was ready for a change. My Mum was working at Marsden Point Refinery so I got a job there isolating pipelines, tensioning bolts, and doing some Quality Assurance Control during the shutdown.”

“I’d always been interested in mechanical things and used to love watching my Dad fix the car, but working at Marsden Point made me realize that it was something I really wanted to take further. I looked through lots of training options and settled on this.”

“I love learning, especially the welding and how to use machines like lathes correctly. It was challenging because I finished school years ago and a lot of my classmates are school leavers familiar with machines that I’d never seen before.”

“If you’re stuck or need help the tutor is there for you and is really encouraging and we have a great team of students. If someone is behind everyone helps them get up to speed.”

“When I finish I’m hoping to get an apprenticeship with an engineering firm through one of my personal training clients. I’m also really enjoying welding and if I decide to go into fabrication I may do the next level of that here. I have a very supportive Mum and Dad who are making this study possible.”

“My longer term goals will unfold as I explore more of the industry, but I have friends who work in oil refineries and travel the world – which really appeals to me.”

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