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Richard Pawa - Applied Management

Richard Pawa - Applied Management

“I was involved in middle management and could see flaws at the higher levels but without the relevant knowledge, I couldn’t affect any change, so I started my study in Applied Management.”

“I switched to an accounting focus because I like numbers, then added project management as a double major when that option came on stream here. I had done some event management and liked it, and could see project management used similar skills.”

“The highlight here for me is the opening of multiple pathways to go down in small business rather than the narrowing of the corporate world. I’m also surprised that it isn’t as hard I thought it would be and I’m doing well. I grew up in Auckland where schooling was intense and I moved up here ten years ago. I’m enjoying the more laid back friendly approach to both learning and to life up here.’

‘I know I have enough knowledge now to continue to study. I’m independent so I keep to myself a bit here but I really like the discipline of deadlines.”

“My short term goal is to gain knowledge then get some experience in both accounting and project management on a corporate level. For my longer term goal, my initial motivation has changed. Before I was thinking I wanted to stay in the corporate world and effect change, but now I’m keen to use my knowledge to help my iwi, hapū and friends with whatever they need. I’ll apply my business world skills to a different field.”

Iwi – Ngāpuhi

Hapū – Ngaitu Teauru

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