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Natalie Cossey - Sport and Recreation

Natalie Cossey - Sport and Recreation

“One of the great things about a career in sport and recreation is doing something different every day. I’ve always been into sport, hands-on stuff, and getting out there and involved, and I came here straight from school. This course is heaps of fun with lots of time outside the classroom. It gives us plenty of experiences and opportunities and we get to apply our learning in settings out in the community – like being involved with Seka World Cup last year.”

“I’m also working two jobs while I’m studying. One is coaching kids’ gymnastics through Active Attitudes. I had no previous gymnastic experience but the opportunity came up through a friend of a friend. It’s great because in a new sport I’m learning all the time, plus I get to give back to the kids. The other job isn’t industry related.”

“I’m one of the youngest in our class and I love the range of ages and backgrounds. The tutors are so available, accessible and supportive and we’re getting a chance to network with industry contacts. We’re being exposed to different career opportunities in wider specialist areas like nutrition or green prescription.”

“I’m keen to work and make some money when I finish the course, but one day I’d like to run a business in something related to the sport and recreation world.”

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