Student Profile

Naketa Bonselaar - Applied Science

Naketa Bonselaar - Applied Science

“I’m fascinated with space and microbiology . I initially did business and administration here but science is far more my world and has unlimited potential for progress.”

“I started my science journey with foundation studies to get the basics, thinking I may go into nursing, but I realized it’s the science rather than the caring that interests me. One of the tutors then pointed me to lab work, and this applied science course gets me walk-in ready for that work.”

“I love being amongst students who are keen to learn and tutors who are dedicated and enthusiastic about what they are teaching. Our classmates come with backgrounds ranging from beauty therapy, to water treatment to the arts.”

“Running DNA gels and growing cultures are part of what fascinates me in this course. I love learning about microbes on the skin and the gut. Nature is amazing and we’re so limited in what we know about it yet. Discoveries are happening so fast that sometimes the tutors have to re-write the course content each semester.”

“I’d love to learn more about chemical properties and their correlating colours because this info relates to everything from marine biology to the stars. I’m clearly on my path now and it is a science path. I hope to go on do level 6 of this diploma when it is introduced.”

“And my dream is to aim for stars – literally. I want to be an astro-physicist.”