Student Profile

Mereana Leituvae - Weaving (Raranga)

Mereana Leituvae - Weaving (Raranga)

“I began my pathway for weaving in 2002 and I’m humbled that I’m able to share my journey alongside the high calibre of people of Maunga Kura Toi (Maori Creative Arts). I’m often the youngest when we go onto marae to weave, and I’d love to see more young people come along.”

 “This course has broadened my perception of art. I don’t just look at it visually now but I look at what the artist is communicating. Our whānau of students here watch each other grow and help one another.”

“The theory, methodology and academic thinking have been a challenge to me but I’ve learnt to value that structure and thinking. The tutors here are encouraging me to study further but my focus for now is to share the knowledge and keep the mahi alive.”

“I began this course part time because I was already involved with the refurbishment of the campus whare. My hope for the future is to pass on my skills and encourage other future generations to continue on with our traditional and contemporary practices of our Tupuna.”

Iwi – Ngati Hamoa, Ngati Pani, Ngati Uri, Te Whānau Pani

Hapū – Ngati Hine, Ngati Manu, Ngati Kahu, Te Kapotai, Te Whatohea