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Melanie Cuddy - Nursing

Melanie Cuddy - Nursing

“I like people and building relationships so I worked in retail, but the management positions there in a front of a computer all day are not for me. I want a career and I’m really impacted by the horrendous level of poverty of some of our children. Nursing is a practical way that I can begin to help.”

“I have a six year old, so the self-paced flexible local nature of this course suits me. I love that it is so hands-on and practical. The only challenge is that some placements involve rostered shifts so I have to shuffle child care plans.”

“I’m amazed at how well I’m doing because I haven’t studied for ten years. I’m finding that you get out what you put in academically. Our class has such a range of backgrounds that the dynamics are crazy with lots of different perspectives. The tutors are great at staying low key enough to point out our skills and help us thrive and they are really easy to relate to.”

“I’m keen to move up in the world in my career. I’ll get nursing experience when I finish my degree, then I may even go on to do medicine. I aspire to really make a difference in our country’s health and education. Nursing is great therapeutically, but you can only really change a system from a higher level.”

“I’d love to work in the Ministry of Health of Education where I could impact and implement policies that affect kids. Children in poverty don't have much control of what is happening around them and someone needs to speak up on their behalf because they can’t.”

Iwi – Ngapuhi
Hapū - Te Ihuta

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