Student Profile

Lyndon Hopkins - Hunting and Pest Control

Lyndon Hopkins - Hunting and Pest Control

Lyndon was out of work as a dive instructor so saw the Hunting and Pest course as an opportunity to extend his outdoor skill set. “I love working outside and have always had an interest in conservation. This course will give me a land based qualification to add to my sea based background.”

“The tutors are hugely knowledgeable with years of experience and it’s great being with a range of students all interested in the outdoors. We’re covering the theory side of things at the moment, which I’m used to, but I’m really looking forward to being out into the bush and getting hands-on experience in that learning environment.”

“Conservation is my passion and I’ve always loved the idea of working with D.O.C. Hunting is simply a means of controlling pests.”

“The dream to me would be working in a place with both a bush and beach environment. I have a friend who works monitoring and looking after animal numbers at Mimiwhangata. Living and working somewhere like that would be the ultimate.”

“I’m keen to help the next generation spend more time outside and to serve as a role model for them in some way. We have this amazing natural resource in the north and I want to encourage youth to enjoy getting out amongst it.”