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Luisa Zoing - Applied Writing

Luisa Zoing - Applied Writing

“We came to New Zealand from Fiji when my husband got a job in the lab at Marsden Point. Northland felt like home to me but computers were completely new, so I spent months trying to understand how to use them and feeling really inadequate. That frustration was the motivation that drove me to learn as much as I could so that I would never feel like that again.”

Luisa is now studying Applied Writing full time and working full time. “I realized from my training that a lot of seniors are still vulnerable around computers. I’m doing the writing course because I want to write a how-to manual for computer beginners, especially seniors. Although I’m into the technology now, I really value books in print and a lot of us are still more comfortable holding a book in our hands.”

“The Applied Writing course is online, all of the tutors are writers and we have online forums with the other students. At first I felt different from them but then I realized I just have my own style and I’m enjoying the varied perspectives. I’m improving my own English and learning the basics of formats and punctuation, but I’m also being exposed to the whole history of literature, myths and legends, and the fullness of language and metaphor.”

“I’ve got the bug now so I’ll probably continue to study, and I’m keen on teaching – including teenagers - so I may add that in the mix. I’m surprised at how many people still don’t have basic computer skills. Every child has the potential to do really well in life and I’d love to help that happen.” 

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