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Kim Cullen - Carpentry

Kim Cullen - Carpentry

“I took three months of coming in and out before I finally signed the form for this course. I had just returned from 10 years in the hospitality industry in Australia and I was ready to try something different and really challenging. I love a good challenge.”

“The practical work in the workshop is the best part of the course for me. I like working with my hands but I’m amazed at how much I don’t know about the building industry. I have developed a different appreciation and respect for all the layers of knowledge and skills involved.”

“I find the physical lifting and using heavy equipment are the most challenging aspects. I have to be resourceful and use ladders for leverage – or ask for help – and it’s my responsibility to stay fit and healthy.”

“I’m surprised to find out that, despite the challenges, I’m actually quite good at building. I’m good with hand tools, I have an eye for detail, and I’m fussy so my quality control and finishing are right up there. We have a really diverse class in age and background and there are two of us women. The tutor is very supportive and totally dedicates himself way beyond the expected scope of his work.”

“I would love to get an apprenticeship after the course and then employment in the industry. There is a demand for female tradespeople and as a female, I would like the option of a female coming to work on my house.”

“My ultimate dream is to buy and renovate a house so that I have the satisfaction of standing back and saying, ‘I did that’. Having the knowledge of tools and sequence is very empowering.”

Iwi - Ngapuhi

Hapū - Ngatikaharau and Ngatihau.

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