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Katherine Tasker - Applied Management

Katherine Tasker - Applied Management

“I have a broad range of interests and I want to start my own business so I need more skills to do that. My Dad is a business man so I’ve grown up with that awareness and I love that business management skills can apply to any industry.”

“I’m majoring in project management and that introduced me to event management. One of my passions is dance, so I realized that running my own dance studio is basically one long event and could be one strand of my future.”

“I love the diversity of our course content. There are different qualifications within one paper which makes the study really interesting, plus we get to meet a range of people coming in to study different aspects. The info is so usable for ordinary life because we touch on things like budgeting, law and communication.”

“I am discovering a love for marketing which is a total surprise to me. I’m working for part time for NorthTec student promotion and I love it. I get to go around different events and expos and promote the courses here. I love the word ‘promotion’ – and the being out there really suits my personality.”

“Marketing is only one paper in our course but I think it’s my future. When I finish the course I want to get a foot in the door with a marketing job or do a graduate diploma in marketing. My dream is to be successful – which to me means financially successful as well as waking up to do something I enjoy every day. I want work to be a part of my life not my entire life and I think marketing can do that for me.”

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