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Karen Burnard - Academic Studies

Karen Burnard - Academic Studies

“I’m learning to dream bigger. I have been working in care homes and although I love caring, I’m ready to help at a deeper level with more impact. I want to build a career in nursing to support myself and my seven year old daughter.”

“Care-giving is very physical and it’s years since I’ve studied, so I’m doing the Foundation course to re-train my brain ready for my degree. I’ve rediscovered learning and I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to take in. I did well at school except for maths, but I’m even progressing well with that here with the tutor’s help and my own prompts of cue cards and podcasts.”

“We have an awesome class with a great sense of humour. We’re all here because we want to learn again and we’re helping each other.” 

“Before I had my daughter, I had made some bad choices and my life got caught in a bad place – really bad. I woke up and realized I could make new choices and re-invent myself.  I’m on this journey now. I want to remind others that we can do this. We may make serious mistakes, but we can choose again, get support, and re-try.”

“By becoming a registered nurse, the world is my oyster. It would be neat to travel and work with a sense of purpose. I may even study more in a specialist area.”

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