Student Profile

Julie Duffy - Horticulture

Julie Duffy - Horticulture

“This is a fast paced course with lots of different aspects ranging from growing, to irrigation systems, to grafting and propagation. I now have a house on half an acre and two children to support after a marriage break-up, so I’m hoping it will give me ideas for my future.”

“I was running seven acres organically previously but had big gaps in my knowledge so I like that this course is comprehensive - including field trips to olive groves, landscaped projects and conservation properties.”

“I’m discovering I have a surprising interest in biological control and Integrated Pest Management. I’m fascinated with the idea of breeding parasitic wasps and ladybirds and it’s great knowing there are companies here doing that now.”

“Balancing study, my part time work, and my family is challenging but the tutors are accommodating and the fact that it is a three-day-a week course makes it workable. The student support services here are absolutely fantastic and have cleared the roadblocks I had around studying as a solo parent.” 

“We also have a varied and sociable class celebrating things like birthdays, and we grow raised bed food crops that we can take home to our families.”

“I want to be as self-sufficient as possible on our section plus I want a career in horticulture. The dream is to be self-employed where I live by starting my own company in something related to biological control services.”