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Josh Bucknell - Travel

Josh Bucknell - Travel

“A representative from International Travel College came and spoke at our school and really inspired me to want to be a flight attendant for either Air New Zealand or Qantas.”

“I made enquiries and this course was close to home with a great tutor. He has so much experience in the industry plus lots of connections in the industry networks.”

“The stand-out of the course for me is meeting all the great students and tutors here. I’m the youngest in our class so I’m learning so much from other people’s backgrounds and cultures, and by being on the campus is general.”

“The other highlight of the course has been our trip to Auckland visiting different companies within the industry. It really broadened my horizons to the range of job possibilities within travel to the point where I wondered about being cabin crew on a cruise ship.”

“My heart though is more in the air than on the sea. My dream of being a flight attendant has now got stronger and bigger in scope. As part of the course I have work experience coming up at the Copthorne Resort in Paihia and I’m hoping I might get a job from that for when the course finishes.”

“I’m really keen to begin working as a flight attendant but I’m too young to start yet and some work experience first will give me more confidence. After that I’ll be ready to take to the air.”

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