Student Profile

Joseph Prakash - Lowie

Joseph Prakash - Lowie

“I was asked to be in the course by the Dean of Pompallier College. It was a good opportunity for me because the focus there is more academic so this opens more options for me.”

“Challenging myself is what I love most about the course. I’m really into weight lifting and enjoy pacing myself to better myself. I previously dislocated my elbow so I’m working on strengthening that side of my body.” 

“The tutors drive you to do better and they help us with how to do things at the gym so we form good habits. Every time I try something new I’m surprised at myself. The first time I did CrossFit I thought I would die – but I’m still here, improving all the time, and better understanding my body.”

“I’m getting an extra leg up doing this course because I’m starting earlier on my journey to my dream goal of playing Rugby Sevens for Fiji, which is my country of origin. I love the Sevens. I’m fast and there is less contact and more skill than 15-a-side Rugby.”

“After this course I hope to do more study in sport and maybe do Sport and Recreation here. If you’ve got an interest in any sport, I think it’s important to make your goals and get into it. Don’t wait.”