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Joey Waddell - Architectural Technology

Joey Waddell - Architectural Technology

“One of the key reasons for coming here is the tutors. They are real, they’re knowledgeable and experienced, and they treat us like peers. They really encourage us to push beyond our own limits and to expand enough to take in new learning and experiences. I did Business Admin here last year and enjoyed the vibe and the level of motivation so much that I decided to start on this architectural journey.”

“I’m amazed at how big the architectural industry is. As well as the obvious house design, we’re learning about landscapes, council by-laws, business law, specs, materials, building components and measurements. It’s a whole new language and with it we’re learning where to find the info what we need.”

“I want to get a job in the commercial architectural world working with others when I finish the course. It will give me some on-the-ground-experience before then going on to study architecture at university.”

“It’s too soon to know what I might specialize in but at the moment I’m keen on designing houses that get the most out of their environment and their space.  This includes functionality, views and energy use."  

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